The Windmills of Mykonos

A brief history of the whitewashed windmills of Mykonos

There is no more iconic postcard of Greece than the magnificent windmills of Mykonos; however, windmills are almost on every Cycladic island and were active and functioning until the early 20th century.

On the Aegean islands, the windmills took advantage of the northern wind, the Meltemi, to grind barley, wheat and other cereals produced locally. On Mykonos, the resulting flour was either given back to the farmers, who baked their own bread, or sold to local bakers. Some of that resulting flour was also shipped to other areas of Greece and often abroad.

Tradition wants the windmill to be a heavy three-story building, circular in shape and made of stone. Many of them with very small windows and a pointed roof, often made of wood. The inhabitants painted these three-story structures in white to fit in with the rest of the island houses. When you observe the appearance of these windmills against the blue sea and clear skies, you can easily understand its beauty.

History tells us that there were over 25 windmills on Mykonos. Now, sixteen windmills survive in the island. You can visit them mainly found at Kato Myloi on the upper part of Mykonos Town. In this way, you will have the chance to take pictures of them and enjoy the amazing views from above. Some windmills act as museums, as they include the recent history of Mykonos.

Explore the magnificence of one of the finest landmarks of Mykonos, visiting the imposing windmills and seeing from up close how the locals managed to overcome the hardships and come up with an effective method to process agricultural ingredients.

For those visiting Mykonos in the first days of September, they can participate in the local Harvest Festival, and will be treated to local specialities and drinks while listening to local music!

7 top villas with private pool in Santorini!

Looking for a luxury villa with a pool in Santorini?

In one of the most beautiful spots on Earth, inspired by the volcanic environment and boasting minimalistic Cycladic design, these homes will take relaxing to the next level! A private pool with each villa completes a picture that seems as impossible to create as it is perfect to experience!

1.Villa Karma, Fira

Villa Karma, Santorini

Magically hanging from the cliff of the Caldera, villa Karma encapsulates the essence of high-end luxury in Fira town! As a precious landmark built by one of the most prestigious personalities back in the day, this luxury villa in Fira was fully renovated in 2016 by a well-known architect, combining the Cycladic tradition with the latest trends in architecture to reach new heights in hospitality. Featuring a breadth of upscale facilities as well as an awe-inspiring Caldera view and unobstructed sea view, this luxury villa in Fira takes holidays to a whole new level of indulgence.

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2.Villa Aveline, Imerovigli

Villa Aveline, Santorini

A newly renovated spacious and exclusive romantic accommodation on the west side of the island in Imerovigli village. The villa is ideally located on the highest point of the Caldera offering absolutely breathtaking panoramic views across the Aegean Sea and the magnificent Santorini sunset experience. The tranquil scenery from the villa is calming and peaceful, captivating you with the empowering energy of the island that will invigorate and recharge and at the same time offering an “at home”, welcome atmosphere during your stay.

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3.Villa Angelica, Oia

Villa Angelica, Santorini

Villa Angelica, perched over the Oia caldera, offers amazing views of the famous Oia sunset. This is a unique villa over the cliff, easily approached by car, and with a private parking. It occupies an area of 150 square meters, in a two storey construction, joined with stairs and elevator. All the premises are equipped with air conditioning system for cold and warm. The villa has autonomy for each level and separate facilities.

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4.Danica Estate, Pyrgos

Danica Estate, Santorini

Danica Estate Santorini is a complex of 3 villas built within a 5.500 m² land of olive trees, cypresses, pomegranate trees, herbs and gardens with organic local vegetables. This whitewashed estate is located in the famous medieval region of Pyrgos Kallistis, a beautiful settlement of the island, just a few steps away from the main village of Pyrgos and the castle. Elegantly designed and bathed in the bright Cycladic light, the estate is spacious enough to accommodate up to 16 guests in all three villas. The villas feature separate entrances and all the comforts of home to meet the needs of every guest. The private pools and outdoor sitting areas offer striking views of the island and the blue Aegean Sea.

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5.Villa Kalmia, Firostefani

Villa Kalmia, Santorini

When you walk in villa Kalmia, you’re so dazzled by the beauty that you’re unsure whether the vision before you has just risen foam-flecked from the sea or wafted in on the air. In fact, the building stands firmly on the black Theran land, flirting with the salt air and caressing the sky. Sulphur, salt, water. Elements with the power of alchemy join in the exciting game of transmutation that its owner knows so well.

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6.Villa Danae, Caldera

Villa Danae is a 3-bedroom, 2-bath cliff side paradise with a swimming pool and an outdoor Jacuzzi, located directly on the Santorini caldera, half way between the towns of Imerovigli and Oia so it’s convenient to both, but far enough away from “civilization” to be startlingly peaceful and quiet.The villa can accommodate up to six guests very comfortably, making it perfect or: Family gatherings, Santorini wedding guests, special milestone birthdays, anniversaries and other festive events, or even as just a spacious and very romantic hideaway for two!

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7.Villa Aster, Akrotiri

Villa Aster, Santorini

Villa Aster, precious like a fine artwork, is a brand new accommodation proposal in Santorini which combines the unparalleled beauty of the island with all modern and luxurious amenities and facilities. This  modern, luxurious villa,is created in an area of 1000 sq.m. Villa Aster is built on levels around the old stone windmill (built 200 years ago) and with respect to the traditional architecture of the island. Villa Aster is located on a unique point on the caldera of Akrotiri and offers beautiful views from the private terrace of the 400 square meters, the garden and the pool area.

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The 10 best beaches in Cyclades islands

Looking for the top destinations for sea, sun and sand in Cyclades islands?

Discover here the best 10 beaches in Cyclades islands:

Soros beach, in Antiparos

Popular beach hotspot!

Popular long sandy beach organized with sunbeds and umbrellas ideal for a group of friends or couples.  A beach bar restaurant is just above the beach for those who wish to spend their day in a chic and cool venue on listening to their favorite music and drinking signature cocktails.  There are also two taverns nearby inviting visitors for delicious local specialities.

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Kalo Livadi, in Mykonos

Family fun!

One of the longest beaches of Mykonos, Kalo Livadi is a sandy, family –oriented beach, with straw umbrellas and sun-beds. Located between Elia and Kalafatis, Kalo Livadi is well-organized with many umbrellas and sundecks available for your comfort under the hot sun. Around the beach you will also find great tavern options.

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Tsigrado beach, in Milos

Sandy paradise!

Sandy cove, found on the southern part of the island, is one of the most impressive beaches in Milos. This is a small beach with white soft sand and light blue waters. The sandy bay is surrounded by high rocky cliffs, which form more dramatic scenery.

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Red Beach, in Santorini

Red beauty!

At the tail end of the road to Ancient Akrotiri, this beach earned its name from its reddish volcanic sand.  Many sunbeds and umbrellas cover the dark sand and right on the seashore are some nice pebbles. Travelers say the scenery is stunning, so be sure to bring a camera with you. Snorkeling is highly recommended due to the interesting rocks.

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Psarou beach, in Mykonos

Party paradise beach!

Famous throughout the Mediterranean as a favorite escape of VIPs and celebrities, it’s easy to see why. The stunning sandy shore is dotted with umbrellas and beach loungers while the cove hides calm, cool water for swimming.

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Agios Prokopis, in Naxos

Awarded for its quality waters on both a Greek and international level, Agios Prokopis beach is truly magnificent.  Long beach with light colored  sand and bright turquoise waters, Agios Prokopis is the ideal place for relaxation, swimming and summer sports. The village of Agios Prokopios has many restaurants and local taverns.

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Small Santa Maria, in Paros

For diving lovers!

Crystal beauty!

Small sandy beach, organized with sun beds, umbrellas and a beach bar ideal for cocktails, fruit salads and snacks.  If you are a diving lover this beach is the ideal spot!

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Perivolos, in Santorini

Black beauty!

This beautiful beach of Santorini lies on the southern end of the island. The beach distinguishes for its sparkling azure blue waters and tranquil atmosphere. On the beachfront there are numerous taverns, pubs and restaurants serving fresh fish and local delicacies.

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Livadia, in Antiparos

Privacy please!

Livadia is an unorganized beach on the southern side of the island. It doesn’t get busy at all, so this is the perfect place place to enjoy some privacy. Here you can find calmness and peacefulness in this protected bay and you may enjoy a relaxing swim or sunbathe under the sizzling sun away from the crowds. The beach is also one of the best surf spots in Greece.

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Agios Sostis, in Mykonos


Taking the road beyond Panormos beach and facing east onto the bay, Agios Sostis is one of the more remote beaches on the island. Agios Sostis beach is an unspoiled area without any kind of amenities, a characteristic that creates to visitors a feeling of total freedom.

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Mykonos or Santorini?

If you can't visit both in once the following could make you decide which island is better for you

Both located in Cyclades, Mykonos and Santorini are among the most popular and beautiful islands in the world. While both islands offer distinctly Greek flair and a truly incredible aesthetic, each has a different vibe. If you are wondering which one is better for you, here you will find everything you need to know about these islands.


The Beaches

Mykonos has beautiful beaches – better than Santorini, with white sand and crystal clear waters which are considered one of the best in Greece. On the other hand Santorini’s beaches have unique characteristics because of the volcano. In Santorini you can find beaches with black pebbles and a beach with red sand – each of which provide an interesting spin on your typical beach day!

The weather

There is no appreciable difference in climate between Mykonos and Santorini. The best weather for both islands is from late May to early October.  Since Santorini is more of a sight-seeing island, it allows for visits in spring and fall that still offer lots to see and do. As for Mykonos, since most people visit it for the beaches, a visit outside of the warmest months has less to offer.

The access

Both islands are easily accessible by ferry or plane from Athens, or by plane directly from major European cities. They are the only islands in the Cyclades that have international flights.

Tip: if you visit both fly into one and fly out to the other so you do not have to retrace back to the first island to catch your flight home

The nightlife

Mykonos is considered to be a party island, offering a big night scene with numerous clubs and bars for all tastes. If you are looking to let loose in a stylish way, hit the clubs and dance, Mykonos is just the place you want to be. If relaxed evenings and pretty sunsets are more your flavor, then choose Santorini.

The food

From fine dining to casual taverns, you will find great food options in both islands. The local products in combination with the spectacular sceneries both islands offer, promise unique dining experiences.

10 Reasons to Visit Greek Islands

Top 10 reasons why you should choose to visit the Greek islands in 2017


With diversity in landscapes, experiences, alternative activities, gastronomy and wine and a unique culture, Greek islands offer a plethora of reasons for which one should visit.
We have tried to limit ourselves to the top 10 reasons for which a hopeful traveler should choose Greek islands as their next destination.

1. The beaches! Each island has its own unique characteristics, so I encourage you to visit as many as you can! Crystal waters and beaches for every taste, from pure white pebbles to golden sand await to be discovered.
2. The food experience. Traditional specialties made from traditional fresh products will treat you to a flavorful holiday in Greece. Greek cuisine has many intense gastronomical experiences to offer and this is mostly due to the fresh ingredients used in the making of the dishes as well as the creativity and inspiration of the people producing them.
3. High level of hospitality. Since ever, the warm hospitality is one the main reasons to visit the Greek islands. Feel free to mingle with the locals, who will be happy to give you directions or share with you their tips. You will also enjoy high quality of services as Greeks are always happy to welcome guests and make them feel comfortable and relaxed.
4. Easy to access. Because it’s easy to get to (… and hard to forget!) Whether by boat from Athens, or directly by airplane from major European cities, Greek islands are easy to reach. So, what are you waiting for?
5. The views. Greek islands have great diversity and a range of places and landscapes that cannot be found together anywhere else. In Greek islands you will find something of everything, from amazing beaches to painted white houses, great forests, spectacular castle- cities and picturesque villages all set against the backdrop of the bright blue sea.
6. The nightlife. Greeks love to celebrate life, and that is evident in their nightlife culture. Mykonos, Paros, Corfu, Ios, Skiathos are only few of the islands of Greece where parties start in the midday and last till the early hours.
7. The history. Lots of impressive historical monuments are found at the Greek islands, connecting modern life with the ancient past.
8. Climatic conditions. Not tropical and not arctic, Greece is famous for the perfect climatic conditions.
9. Do it your way. In Greece you can have your holiday exactly as you want it to be, from spending time partying and enjoying the all year round festive atmosphere in mainstream places, to spending time for yourself and your loved ones, in isolated places, enjoying peacefully and quietly all the magic that Greek islands have to offer to you. Whatever your company, it is guaranteed that you will have the time of your life!
10. The main reason is not easy to transform into words. It is the combination of sunny weather, breathtaking views, variety and quality of the food, vivid and enthusiastic people, endless history around you and pure nature. All these things that make your experience in Greek islands, one to remember forever.