10 Reasons to Visit Greek Islands

Top 10 reasons why you should choose to visit the Greek islands in 2017


With diversity in landscapes, experiences, alternative activities, gastronomy and wine and a unique culture, Greek islands offer a plethora of reasons for which one should visit.
We have tried to limit ourselves to the top 10 reasons for which a hopeful traveler should choose Greek islands as their next destination.

1. The beaches! Each island has its own unique characteristics, so I encourage you to visit as many as you can! Crystal waters and beaches for every taste, from pure white pebbles to golden sand await to be discovered.
2. The food experience. Traditional specialties made from traditional fresh products will treat you to a flavorful holiday in Greece. Greek cuisine has many intense gastronomical experiences to offer and this is mostly due to the fresh ingredients used in the making of the dishes as well as the creativity and inspiration of the people producing them.
3. High level of hospitality. Since ever, the warm hospitality is one the main reasons to visit the Greek islands. Feel free to mingle with the locals, who will be happy to give you directions or share with you their tips. You will also enjoy high quality of services as Greeks are always happy to welcome guests and make them feel comfortable and relaxed.
4. Easy to access. Because it’s easy to get to (… and hard to forget!) Whether by boat from Athens, or directly by airplane from major European cities, Greek islands are easy to reach. So, what are you waiting for?
5. The views. Greek islands have great diversity and a range of places and landscapes that cannot be found together anywhere else. In Greek islands you will find something of everything, from amazing beaches to painted white houses, great forests, spectacular castle- cities and picturesque villages all set against the backdrop of the bright blue sea.
6. The nightlife. Greeks love to celebrate life, and that is evident in their nightlife culture. Mykonos, Paros, Corfu, Ios, Skiathos are only few of the islands of Greece where parties start in the midday and last till the early hours.
7. The history. Lots of impressive historical monuments are found at the Greek islands, connecting modern life with the ancient past.
8. Climatic conditions. Not tropical and not arctic, Greece is famous for the perfect climatic conditions.
9. Do it your way. In Greece you can have your holiday exactly as you want it to be, from spending time partying and enjoying the all year round festive atmosphere in mainstream places, to spending time for yourself and your loved ones, in isolated places, enjoying peacefully and quietly all the magic that Greek islands have to offer to you. Whatever your company, it is guaranteed that you will have the time of your life!
10. The main reason is not easy to transform into words. It is the combination of sunny weather, breathtaking views, variety and quality of the food, vivid and enthusiastic people, endless history around you and pure nature. All these things that make your experience in Greek islands, one to remember forever.