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Luxury and local tradition coexist on the beautiful island of Septses, located in the Saronic Gulf, just 54 nautical miles from Athens. According to the most prevailing opinion, its name comes from the Venetian “Isola di Spezzie”, which means island of aromatic plants. 

The scenic capital of the island, Spetses Town, is ideal for romantic walks, while there’s plentiful swimming and sunbathing to be enjoyed at the many beaches along its shores. A selection of sophisticated restaurants, and marinas filled with yachts from all over the world are just some of the more cosmopolitan attractions of this island.

Horse-drawn carriages, bicycle and walking will be your only modes of transport on Spetses – all the better to enjoy the well-kept captains’ mansions below Agios Nikolaos Monastery, the boatyards and Bouboulina’s Museum.

Sailing enthusiasts will enjoy the Spetses Classic Yacht Reggata, held in June and featuring a range of vintage models and traditional caiques. Another reason that people visit Spetses is Armata festival, which extends over the second week of September and includes mainly artistic events, such as traditional dances, theatrical performances, various exhibitions, and presentations.

Choose among our great variety of our luxury villas to rent in Spetses and live an unforgettable experience.


Saronic Gulf

How to get there

  • By plane to Athens and from there either by boat (2 hours)
  • Or by car to Porto Heli (2.5 hours) and from there by sea taxi (10 min)

Properties in Spetses (2)

  • 5 bedrooms
  • 10 guests
  • Upon Request

Villa Pine

  • 8 bedrooms
  • 13 guests
  • Upon Request

Villa Beatrice

Old Harbor, Spetses

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